YOUTH100 Task Force

MRC YOUTH100 is a group of youth volunteers which are able to perform and respond to any tasks been assigned by any National Committees and assist National Headquarters staff. These volunteers will become a catalyst or an agent of change throughout the nation. The YOUTH100 will disseminate Voluntarism value in any MRC activities.
1. To encourage youth volunteers to participate in Malaysian Red Crescent programs.To assist in Malaysian Red Crescent projects and activities at national level.
2. To train members that are able to support States in implementation of nationwide organizational development and youth initiatives.
3. To train Malaysian Red Crescent youth to become youth leaders that are able to serve the community and country.
1. All existing Malaysian Red Crescent member of any State of which membership fees have been paid and able to show such evidence.
2. A member aged from 18 to 30 years old.
3 .Able to commit a minimum of 120 hours per calendar year. (60 hours at NHQ, 60 hours at States)
4. Able to participate in all Malaysian Red Crescent activities with own willingness of time and expenses.
1. Able to gain knowledge and skills on Red Cross/Red Crescent, youth development and voluntarism.
2. Able to join various programs and training held by Malaysian Red Crescent.
3. Opportunities to participate in various international youth programme.
4. Learn lifelong skills.
5. Gain internship experience.
6. Certificate of appreciation.
7. Network with like-minded fun youths.
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